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Proper Prep is the KEY to long wear (up to 10 days)!

Start with a clean nail

Use nail polish remover or acetone to remove any previous manicure. Your nails should be natural and bare.

Push back your Cuticles

Use the provided cuticle pusher (or your own!) to push back your cuticles and any dead skin on your nail. This helps prevent lifting and gives you more space for adhesion.


Lightly buff your nails to remove any shine and remaining dead skin. Pay close attention to the sides of your nail and around your cuticle as that is where we need the strongest hold!


Use the provided alcohol wipe to clean off any dust, oil and dehydrate your nail so it is prepped for the glue!

Glue (More secure but harder to remove) (skip if using stickers)

Put glue on your nail bed avoiding the cuticle area (so you don't get crusty edges while applying). Apply a small dot of glue on the nail. Apply your gel press on at a 45° angle so there are no bubbles. Repeat for all 10 Fingers!

Stickers (great for weekends or events!) (easier for reuse, my favorite)

Size the stickers to each press on nail. There shouldn't be any sticker overhanging but also should cover almost side to side. Place the sticker to the press on nail first. Then take the backing off and apply to your nail at a 45° angle and ensure there is pressure on all parts of the nail. To reuse just remove the stickers by using the oil and water method and replace with new stickers after cleaning thoroughly with alcohol.