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Abstract French Press-Ons

Abstract French Press-Ons

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  • Abstract French design on all fingers
  • Available in Matte or Glossy finish
  • Available in any shape
  • Made with Leafgel 

Quick, easy and high-quality press-on nails that are custom made for you! MKM Nails are a great way to try out a new style, shape, or length.

With proper application, they can last up to two weeks! The best part is they are REUSABLE! With careful removal and proper care, you will be able to wear them multiple times. Keep your MKM Nails card for storage.

Each set includes:

  • Application and Removal instructions
  • 10 custom painted and sized*** nails
  • Nail application kit: Glue, File, Buffer, Cuticle stick and Alcohol Pad

***Please note every set is custom made and I do not accept returns. Sizing correctly is your responsibility so make sure to get a sizing kit!***